How to Recognize and Overcome Bias

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This course is designed to explore and address unconscious or implicit bias in the workplace and community. The material delves into the brain's natural categorization processes and how these can lead to unintentional stereotyping and discrimination, affecting morale and productivity. You'll learn about common bias types and gain practical strategies for breaking these mental patterns. By increasing awareness and applying these techniques, the course aims to foster a more inclusive, productive, and engaging environment, helping you overcome the effects of implicit bias in professional and social settings.

What's included?

  • 5 Modules
  • Check for Understanding 
  • Interactivity
  • Time for Reflection
  • Certificate Upon Completion

Enhance Inclusivity Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of unconscious biases and their impacts, enabling you to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment in both professional and social settings.

Implement Bias-Reduction Strategies

 Acquire and apply effective techniques to break down implicit bias patterns, leading to improved workplace morale, productivity, and more harmonious community interactions.