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CAAP provides education and training for Pennsylvania Community Action Agencies to help our members work efficiently and effectively as programs and reporting requirements change. CAAP wants to help agencies remove barriers and create opportunities for families with low-incomes to escape the trappings of poverty. We strive to provide opportunities to solve community problems in partnership with others. 

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"I looked down the list of topics and thought to myself, 'this is a training I didn't even know I needed!'" 
"I love attending these sessions. They are very informative and should be highly encouraged. It's a great way to refresh!"
These are great opportunities for allowing staff to participate in training activities without the need to travel. Our experience showed increased attendance in all public events that have been hosted virtually. 
CAAP Content creators and administrators

Leslie McRobbie,
Director of Education

Leslie McRobbie is the Education Director for CAAP and the administrator for CAAP Learn. She has been an educator and leader for 14 years, teaching at both the high school and college level. She specializes in blended and online learning, course development, educational technology, adult education, webinar facilitation, data analysis, and creative problem-solving. She has applied these skills to create meaningful learning opportunities for Pennsylvania members of Community Action.
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Winslow Mason, Senior Director for Strategic Change

Winslow Mason is the Senior Director for Strategic Change for CAAP and a content creators for CAAP Learn. He specializes in community and stakeholder engagement, community organizing, journalism, organizational development, and DEI. He possesses a diverse set of skills and strategies that include strategic relationship-building, meeting design & facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development, and community action. 
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