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We understand the unique needs for Community Action Agencies training needs. CAAP Learn Courses are tailored for CAA's success in mind.

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CAAPLearn covers the basics so that you can invest time in more dynamic and detailed opportunities for providing professional development.

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C.A.P. Infinity: Continuous Improvement Certification Program

C.A.P. (Community Action Program) Infinity is a continuous improvement certification program designed specifically for Community Action Agencies. C.A.P. Infinity programming is flexible, offered on-demand and at a learners own pace. It is designed to provide all staff with baseline knowledge and how to implement continuous improvement principles in the day to day.

Why was it created? Community Action leaders brought pain points about the previous continuous improvement methods being time-consuming, outdated, inflexible, and not always applicable for frontline workers. We knew we had the technology and access to create a better solution for giving an alternative, self paced, efficient way to fulfill continuous improvement directive requirements.

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