Stereotypes and Assumptions

Unpack the impact of stereotypes and assumptions in this course, exploring their various types and gaining practical strategies to combat and challenge them effectively.
Our brains are wired to categorize everything we see, including people.  It is important for us to continuously work and reflect on stereotypes and assumptions we hold – especially those we do not easily notice. 
In this course, you will: 
  • Learn how stereotypes and assumptions can create blind spots. 
  • Understand the role stereotypes and assumptions play in discrimination. 
  • Examine a variety of stereotypes. 
  • Identify steps to avoid stereotypes and assumptions. 
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CAAP Staff recommends taking these prerequisites first:
Course Level
Beginner: This course is appropriate for all users and does not require any prerequisites 

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Meet the instructor

Chanta Howard-Wilkinson, J.D.

Chanta Wilkinson is the founder of Chanta Wilkinson Consulting, LLC where she provides diversity, equity and inclusion consulting and assistance to organizations implementing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and best practices.

She previously served as a Human Resources Consultant for small to mid-size businesses in Delaware and New York City. Prior to that, she served as the Associate Director of EEO/AA for Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. In addition, she also served as a Deputy Attorney General and an EEO/Affirmative Action Coordinator for the New Jersey Office of Attorney General and an Associate at a large New Jersey law firm.

She holds a J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law, a BA from Rutgers College and a Diversity & Inclusion for HR Certificate from Cornell University.
Patrick Jones - Course author