Workplace Culture

By using a DEI lens, we can create a workplace culture that is welcoming and allows all staff to thrive.  There will be barriers and challenges to improving culture.  Its important for us to understand the foundational elements needed to create a sustainable and equitable environment.  This course is designed to help align your understanding of how implementing a positive workplace culture can create and maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace for all.  
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All CAA Staff
All WAP Staff
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Intermediate: some knowledge of basic concepts and terminology will help to best understand the course contents

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Meet the instructors

Chanta Howard-Wilkinson, J.D.

Chanta Wilkinson is the founder of Chanta Wilkinson Consulting, LLC where she provides diversity, equity and inclusion consulting and assistance to organizations implementing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and best practices.

She previously served as a Human Resources Consultant for small to mid-size businesses in Delaware and New York City. Prior to that, she served as the Associate Director of EEO/AA for Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. In addition, she also served as a Deputy Attorney General and an EEO/Affirmative Action Coordinator for the New Jersey Office of Attorney General and an Associate at a large New Jersey law firm.

She holds a J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law, a BA from Rutgers College and a Diversity & Inclusion for HR Certificate from Cornell University.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Hattie McCarter

Hattie B. McCarter (she/her) is a Certified DEI Professional, with 14+ years of experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging; 20 years of public speaking; and 7+ years in Human Resources/Recruitment. Hattie is from Enterprise, Alabama, a small town that is surrounded by farmland, good soul food, and strong family values. In 2011, she obtained her master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL. Hattie, and her family moved to Pennsylvania (PA) with uncertainty, hopes and determination in making a new home, new career, and different perspective on life.

Although her passion for DEI blossomed before moving to PA, Hattie started her career at the Department of Labor & Industry’s: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) where she worked for 10 years as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor while promoted to a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Specialist. As the VR Specialist (Human Resource, Diversity and Communication), she redeveloped and led the agency’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program as well as their recruitment program for hiring diverse and qualified master’s level students for OVR’s employment and internship opportunities. In 2022, Hattie transitioned to the Department of General Services: Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities to oversee and implement their Equity Management Program as the Equity Management Program Coordinator. Hattie was charged with promoting and fostering a workforce that was diverse and inclusive through equity training(s), steering committees, employee resource groups (ERGs), assessments and metrics.

As Hattie’s career and expertise began to soar in the field of DEIB, she decided to launch her consulting business, McCarter’s Equitable and Distinctive (MEND) Solutions to be consistent, impactful, and purposeful in making sure that all individuals have the heart-capacity in walking in this journey of DEIB.
MEND is a consulting agency that equips businesses and organizations with tools in framing and integrating an equitable lens through practices, policies, and procedures. MEND’s goal is to be the “plug that ignites BRAVE spaces for change”; and build-in a human-centered approach that values, embraces, and empowers an evolving demographic and culture-shift. MEND prides itself on nurturing spaces where leaders can demonstrate active listening; being open; commit to vulnerability; and educate those who are ready to be a VOICE. Our proprietary methods focus on DEI Strategic Planning; Trainings/Workshops; Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Development and Implementation; Inclusive Recruitment; and BRAVE Conversations.

Amid growing her brand and business, Hattie has her own YouTube Channel, The Tea With Hattie B Show, a platform where people can show up authentically and have humble, open, and transparent conversations about their own lived experience.  
Featured teacher
“As I started to embark and expand my career in DEIB, I realized that for me to be a voice and shed light on the lived experience of marginalized communities, I knew that it started with me by decentering myself and developing a selfless lens that always leads in love.”

Hattie McCarter

Certified DEI Professional